lot has changed since the Battle of Hogwarts 30 years ago. The wizarding world is in a golden renaissance where advancements in both magic and technology is increasing every day. The cobble streets filled with old fashioned vendors selling items that belong in the heap of the 1940's are long gone. The streets of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are now paved in concrete, and you'll find stores selling everything from talking tea pots to the latest magical flat screen HD television.


  • Houses are more modern
  • Most people use pens instead of quills
  • Owls aren't used much anymore. Instead, people send "owl messages" to each other on their phones. The standard owl is still used to send business and Hogwarts letters.
  • Magical movies and the rise of pop culture helped form what many call "wizarding celebrities".
  • There are electronics (televisions, phones, etc) that uses the magic towers to function.

Everyone knows about the dark arts in the wizarding world. It's addictive, dangerous, and can often lead to a rather painful end to the user. The dark arts has become a fad among young witches and wizards. Dressing in black and calling yourself a "dark witch or wizard" is a popular thing to do. This has obviously caused some controversy, especially when a young boy by the name of Noah Caleen was arrested after pretending to cast the Avada curse on a friend in Diagon Alley.

But don't be fooled by pretenders, the dark arts is still very real and present in modern society. Those who practice it hide themselves like never before. Even members of pureblood families aren't exactly sure who within their ranks are true dark practitioners.


Broom Highway

The broom highway was created in 2006. It's an alternative transportation method similar to a highway located in the sky, and with brooms instead of cars. People use the broom highway to avoid the expensive toll fees that accumulate while traveling through the international floo. International travel by broom highway takes longer than the floo, but it's much cheaper.

International Floo Network

Not to be confused with the regular floo, the International Floo Network (or IFN) is the quickest method of traveling internationally. To use the IFN, you must have a special purple floo powder. Once inside a fireplace, say the name of the country you want to travel to and use the purple powder.

You'll then be taken to the nearest "toll fireplace" where you'll have to pay a fee to continue taking the IFN. Depending on the distance, it can take a total of 5 or even 9 fireplaces before you reach your specific destination. You can consider it the wizarding version of layovers. All international floo fireplaces open at various train stations.

It's important to note that you CAN NOT apparate from one country to the next. Apparition only works within a specific country. You must also have a magical passport when traveling internationally. The consequences of attempting to apparate internationally can be severe and could include ending up at the bottom of a ocean, or being splinched.


Magical Towers Created (Invented in 2005 by Gregory Cerink) - Magical towers power all magic-based devices in the wizarding world click for more info.

First Magisung tv created (2007) - The first television by Magisung (the magical division of Samsung) is created. It becomes the first wizarding based television on the market.


In 2024 the Ministry of Magic branches in the UK, US, and France joined together to become the International Ministry of Magic (also known as the IMM). It was a joint agreement that the wizarding world should be more united. Although each country still have its own president, Minister, etc, they now conduct business at the IMM headquarters located on an artificial island between the US and the UK. Ministry employees from each country work together on a designated floor.

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