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Welcome to the glamorous life! Wizarding celebrities are similar to the muggle version. They are paid large amounts of money, star in films that can make or break their careers, and attend award ceremonies. To be considered a celebrity in the wizarding world you must be a popular...

  • Actor/Actress
  • Musician
  • Model/Fashion designer
  • Or being known for a great accomplishment
    or doing something infamously bad

Is it easy to become a wiz celebrity?

The short answer is no. You have to do something that garners the attention of the public. Whether it's for something good or bad, you need to have a huge fanbase or a large list of haters. There are many accomplished people who make a lot of money but are not celebrities. It can take years to gain a fanbase through your films, music, fashion, or accomplishment.

How many celebrities are there in the wizarding world?

The wizarding world only recently started creating movies and taking notice of popular trends and fashions. Music is the exception since it's been around for many years. Musicians like the Weird Sisters and Celestina Warbeck were some of the first wizarding celebrities in the early 90s. It's been estimated that the number of wizarding celebs range in the mid thousands.

Are there online wiz celebs like Pewdiepie etc?

Wiztube is an extremely popular site that's used daily by millions. There are "wiztube celebs" with tons of followers on their channels. Channels that feature pranks, top five lists, or vlogs are usually the most popular. However, even though becoming a wiztube celeb is the easiest route to take, it can still be a fickle journey that doesn't always lead to long-term success.

How do I win magical versions of an Oscar or Grammy award?

To win a magical Oscar or Grammy award you must be a rank 10+ and have either actor/actress or musician as an occupation. You must also be in the entertainment group. During the magical Oscars and Grammys (which coincides with the muggle versions) you will be automatically nominated for an award. Winning an award is random (winners will be chosen by a number generator) and you'll automatically receive an Oscar or Grammy badge in your profile if you win.

If no one qualifies there will simply be a roleplay event with NPC winners.

What's the downfall of being a wiz celebrity?

You lose A LOT of privacy when you become a wiz celeb. Just like muggles have paparazzi so does the wizarding world. Everything you do will be scrutinized. Relationships, friendships, even going to the store will have to be extremely private to avoid unwanted attention.

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